[VRChat]How to add background music of world

Explains the series of steps to add BGM to a VRChat world, from installing tools → obtaining materials → installing into VRChat → credit notation. This is for beginners in world creation.

[VRChat]How to teleport using portal with fade in/out

Explanation of how to teleport while fading in/out with the SDK3 world gimmick. Asset created by a Japanese person is explained in English. If you are a world creator, please take a look.

[VRChat] How to set the world thumbnail to any image

Includes tools for replacing thumbnails. It explains how to use this tool from the creation of materials. If you want to create a world for an event, please take a look.

[VRChat] How to Objects etc. change ON/OFF with switch.

Introduction World Gimmick. Explains how to switch mirrors, objects, light etc. using Lura's Switch. This Asset is easy to understand design and allows you to quickly and cleanly create world switches!

[VRChat] Play live videos from Youtube and Twitch etc. in VRChat.

World Gimmick explains how to saiseu Youtube and other videos on VRChat. You can set up playlists in advance, automatically play videos when you enter the world, etc. Please use it for background music etc. in the world.

[VRChat] How to display tag markers above your head

Explains how to implement a feature that displays a tag above your head when you press a button in the world gimmick. Use Japan Asset Yodocoro-chan tag marker. Please use it for planning events, etc.